English Speech about Corruption

Good morning.....
I am not Barack Obama
But I am just a student of Senior High School and now stand up in front of you to deliver my speech about corruption
Maybe Corruption is not strange for us, right ? and many cases of corruption in our country, right???

Before we know more about corruption, let us know the meaning of Corruption. Corruption comes from the latin corruptio or corruptus that have a bad sense, deviating from the purity, saying derogatory, or defamatory. From the latin word that down to many languanges such as English namely “Corruption” and in Indonesia meaning “Korupsi”, right ???? In the General Indonesian Dictionary, corruption meaning false and bribes. According to Big Indonesian Dictionary, corruption is the misuse or embezzlement of state funds or companies, and so on for personal gain or the lain. In the Lexicon Webster Dictionary, corruption meaning depravity, dishonesty, immoral and deviation of holiness. Corruption from literal sense meaning taking or stealing the right that are not ours to take advantage of the position and deliberately and clandestinely.

Indonesia should be proud as a nation that has a diversity of ethnic, religious, and cultural. Proud because was awarded the charming natural beauty. But Now, Indonesia as one of the most corrupt countries for many years. The United Nation or PBB concluced the judicial corruption in Indonesia is one of the worst judicial in the world. And ironically, many various ways that have been taken, have not seen a good change from the condition of this country. So what can we give to this country ?

Like a body, Indonesian were infected with a deadly disease, which is corruption! Because of severity of the illness, Indonesia became famous throught the world. Do you know? according to Transparency International, Indonesia ranked 100 of 183 countries in the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index. For example, the case of Gayus Tambunan, Bank Century scandal, Nazaruddin who was implicated in a scandal involving the construction of athletes' dormitories for Southeast Asia Games, BLBI embezzlement, Hambalang and more cases. Untill now, 155 cases of corruption involving the head area. Meanwhile, KPK (Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission )completed 37 cases of 155 cases," Although, lately KPK looks so intense dismantle the new corruption cases, such as bribery Regent Buol until the recent cases of public corruption cases that SIM simulator tool with Police suspect two-star general, but it does not mean that the immediately to increase public confidence that these cases will be thoroughly addressed by the government.
there are some types of corruption, including:

• bribes;
• embezzlement in office;
• extortion in office;
• political scandal

Corruption can not be left running so only if a country wants achieve its objectives, because if left continuously, it will be accustomed and become fertile, so There are some solutions for our government to reduce the corruption cases such as :
1. Lack of awareness of the people to bear the responsibility to conduct political participation and social control, to be indifferent.
2. Instilling positive national aspirations, which put the interests of nationwide.
3. leaders and officials set the example, combat and prosecute corruption.
4. The existence of sanctions and the power to crack down, eradicate and punish corruption.
5. Creating an honest government officer
6. Budget system is managed by officials who have the responsibility high ethical, accompanied by an efficient control system.
7. Re-registration of the wealth of prominent individuals with high taxation.
8. Prevent irregularities in the construction of infrastructure in the future.
9. hunt convicted of corruption who fled abroad.
10. researching and excise taxpayers.
11. Repair salaries and benefits office
12. Tough sanctions for violators of the rules
13. Disabling officials suspected of being involved in corruption
14. Replacement officials who put the interests of the group / personal
But, we can avoid all of forms of corruption act by doing (1)honesty such as no cheating and no lying, (2) closer to Allah the Almighty for the longest of best practices

It is time we treat this body seriously, no more corruption in this country! The change must begin now! Maybe you can start from our self now and we must believe we can make Indonesia is a country without corrupsion!

Thank You !

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